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Are you looking for a proven way to grow your business with a trustworthy payor? Then consider adding government contracts. Working with the government can provide excellent growth opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, but when those opportunities lead to disputes or complex contracts, many businesses decide that the benefit is not worth the hassle. As a business lawyer and government contract consultant, James P. Rome, Ltd. can help your business with these complications, giving you the benefits without the hassle.


Why should small and medium business put government contracts on their radar? The government is a stable payor, because it is not going to be closing up shop. Also, when the government agencies face cutbacks, their choice is typically to increase outsourcing, not cut it. Both of these facts mean the government can be a steady source of income.

That income comes with plenty of paperwork and procedures, as well as specialized requirements within specific industries. That is where Attorney James Rome can help. I am here to help business clients grow, especially through the addition and benefits of government contracts. My firm can assist your business with finding and landing government contracts, then with nurturing them throughout the contract life cycle to be of the ultimate benefit for you. With the right information, guidance and education through my help, any size business can be successful in government contracts.


I have over four decades of experience in both business law and government contracting. Put this experience to work for your business and see your success grow. I can assist you from the start of your government contracting to the end. In addition, my firm can assist your business with:

  • Real estate buying and selling
  • Business litigation services
  • Trademark filing and protection

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If you are looking for a partner to help your business succeed, who will take the time to understand what you want and who will work tenaciously to create documents and guide through disputes and contracts to ensure you can reach your desired outcome, you want to partner with me. Start today to build your business with a successful government contract, or partner with me to take advantage of my other real estate and business law services. Schedule a consultation with my Chicago area law firm by calling 847-917-3540 today or contacting me online.