Identifying Bid Opportunities


Government Contracts for Goods and Services

Every day, local, state and federal branches of government purchase millions of dollars of goods and services, from frozen pizza to airplanes. There are ample opportunities for companies of any size to become a supplier to the government, but finding the right opportunity can be challenging.

Penetrating the government market requires that companies have staff with both the time and expertise to:

  • Locate bid opportunities: requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for quotes (RFQs) and requests for information (RFIs) which may later lead to an RFP
  • Identify which bid opportunities the company can fulfill, and
  • Understand the contract requirements a particular proposal will impose upon the company.

Extending the Reach of Small and Mid-Sized Companies

I’m attorney and business consultant Jim Rome. I help smaller companies in establishing themselves in the government contracting market by providing bid identification and review services. I work with CEOs, CFOs, production managers, and company executives responsible for management, strategic direction, and production. Clients can use my services in two ways:

  • I can continually scan the government contracting landscape for you, alerting you to opportunities, and/or
  • I can teach your staff how to look for RFP opportunities.

What Kind of Business Do You Want?

I work with clients to develop a wish list for business opportunities; identifying the types of services they wish to deliver, and the types of goods they want to produce and the specifications they can perform under in terms of quantity and delivery. I then create a market profile to identify government bid opportunities that meet those specifications.

I oversee requisite registrations and develop a monitoring system for bid opportunities. Once suitable bid opportunities have been identified, I can assist with bid preparation, contract negotiations, advice on financial matters and contract performance, and dispute resolution.

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No matter what size your business is currently, you can compete for government business. I can show you how. Contact my Wilmette law office to schedule a consultation at your office, home, or a location convenient to you. As a government contract consultant and business lawyer, I work with clients in Illinois and across the U.S.