Protests and Claims


The lifecycle of a government contract begins with the government bid process (or RFP), then bid review by the government agency, the awarding of a contract, vendor performance on a contract, through to billing and reporting.

Problems can arise anywhere along this lifecycle. If they do, there are prescribed means to resolve them, but companies that have had little or no previous business with the government may not understand these processes. They just know that something has gone wrong.

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Bid Protests against the Government

The bid process follows well-defined rules. When questions arise about actions that occurred during the contract pre-award period, a prospective contractor can file a protest to challenge the government action. Examples of problems or concerns that could arise in the bid process include:

  • Your company was unfairly barred from submitting a bid
  • You believe a contract decision was based on information not requested in the bid
  • You believe there was favoritism or outside factors influencing the final selection

Claims against the Government for Contract Violations

When post-award disagreements arise, then the contractor can file a formal claim against the appropriate government agency. The process for doing so is constrained by very specific rules and procedures.

As a government contract consultant and a lawyer, I’m well prepared to draft and file a formal bid protest or contract claim on your behalf and to pursue it to its conclusion.

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