Contract Compliance Issues


Quality Problems / Performance Problems

The government is an excellent business customer, but failing to comply with the terms of your government contract can result in a decisive loss of that business partnership. It’s extremely important to comply with the terms of the original contract and to negotiate with your government customer if you are experiencing contract compliance problems.

I’m business consultant and attorney Jim Rome. In my consulting business, I have helped many small and mid-sized businesses secure and retain government clients. I have more than 40 years of experience working in and with government bodies at the local, state, and national level. If your company is experiencing contract compliance difficulties, contact my Chicago area law office for immediate assistance. I represent companies in Illinois and across the nation.

The First Step is Understanding Your Contract

The bid specifications that governed your initial proposal, and the government contract you later signed, outline the performance specifications of your contract.

When considering a bid opportunity, when preparing to submit a bid, or when your company begins to execute a government contract, it’s wise to talk with a lawyer who can help you understand the responsibilities you have undertaken.

Contract performance problems typically arise in the areas of quality control and late delivery. Sometimes this is the result of failing to understand the exact nature of the contract; sometimes it results from management or production problems.

Negotiating Contract Deviations

As a business lawyer skilled in negotiations and courtroom representation, I can assist you in negotiating problems with or changes to your contract. What I bring to the table is a thorough knowledge of the performance regulations and rules. It may be that the government agency hasn’t looked at the total picture or doesn’t understand the flexibility that exists in the current contract.

Getting Back on Track

Even if you have serious contract compliance problems I may be able to help you get back on track. Putting out a new bid is time consuming. Government agencies want the products/services they contracted for. They typically prefer to work with vendors to re-establish compliance rather than scrap a contract and start all over with a new bid process.

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